Custom educational seminars to meet your specific needs.

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Our on-site, customized seminars are crucial to your firm gaining a competitive edge within your health care litigation practice.Med Law Advisors' interactive seminars include exercises and a comprehensive learning guide.Our highly experienced presenters incorporate real life scenarios and examples optimizing the understanding and quick application of newly learned skills.

Frequently requested seminars include:

Basic CPT Coding
– We found that many legal teams need a basic introduction to CPT coding guidelines and nuances.  From the overall structure to specific difficult issues (E/M documentation, modifier coding, etc), this five hour class presents a high level review of CPT coding principles.

Bundling Issues – Correct Coding Initiative Edits and the process of appealing bundled services is a constant problem for physicians and hospitals alike.  This half day session covers the logic behind the bundling edits and how to determine if services are appropriately processed by the payor.

Chart Auditing – What do payor auditors and provider auditors look for when reviewing medical records and bills?  Discover all the important issues in this impactful seminar.  This seminar may be tailored to a half day overview session or a multi-day in depth analysis.

Medical Necessity  – A common theme by payors is determining if services performed meet the needs of the patients.  To help ensure that services are not merely performed for higher billing, more and more payors are requiring a level of medical support prior to paying services.  Flexible schedule for one-half day.

Others – Other topics related to medical record documentation, coding, and billing can be customized to your team.  Please call to discuss how Med Law Advisors will assist you in better understanding these topics.

Risk, Revenue, Reputation - A two hour presentation that links the ethics of proper documentation and coding practices to their compliance and revenue impact.  This is an excellent presentation for physicians and attorneys to attend together assisting in a better understanding of what potential litigation risks exist due to poor documentation and medial coding practices.