Our Services

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, Med Law Advisors maintains the highest degree of confidentiality.  All data collected, analyzed, and presented, and all work papers, plans, conversations, and recommendations with our clients are held in strict confidence to the maximum extent permitted by law.  Your business will remain your business.

Litigation Support & Compliance Investigations

Med Law Advisors' Investigations, Financial Forensics, and Intelligence practice comprises highly credentialed consultants.  Working closely with law firms, providers, and government agencies, Med Law Advisors independently investigates allegations or suspicions of coding and billing fraud. 

In addition to detecting compliance issues, we assist in Financial Impact Analysis for litigation and the following:

  • Medical Record Chart Audit
  • Financial Impact Analysis
  • Evidence Analysis & Organization
  • Industry Standards Adherence Comparison
  • Perform Technical Case Research
  • IRO Audits
  • Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA) Support

Expert Witness Services

Med Law Advisors has expertise in documentation, coding, and billing relative to medical records and insurance claims.  We can serve as an expert witness and forensic consultant in compliance and other healthcare legal matters. 

Our expert reports and testimony help provide legal professionals, healthcare providers, and government agencies in court trials and arbitrations the facts on which they rely.

Fraud Detection & Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Working with your team, Med Law Advisors will review coding, billing, and reimbursement operations to identify weaknesses through which fraud or other forms of avoidable loss and compliance breaches occur.

We help providers prevent and respond to a wide range of coding, billing, and reimbursement threats, including post-payment, fraud & abuse, and Qui Tam investigations.  Med Law Advisors evaluates our clients' vulnerabilities and implements appropriate preventive measures and plans to protect the provider and ensure operational continuity. 

Our comprehensive, integrated approach addresses all aspects of healthcare compliance detection and mitigation.

Investigative / Forensic Interviews & Investigations

When you need the facts, enlist the skills of an unbiased specialist capable of conducting valuable and effective Investigative and Forensic Interviews & Investigations.

Obtaining essential data is an integral component of all informed decision making.  The ability to proceed diligently with plans, actions, objectives, strategies, and operations depends on having and understanding all the facts.  Investigative Interviews & Investigations performed correctly help extract, record, analyze, and report the facts, within any due diligence protocol.  One of the primary objectives here is to procure reliable information helping to mitigate the risks of poor decisions.

Our vast experience helps break through traditional barriers often encountered by those with good intentions but less experienced.  We conduct all interviews & investigations with the highest level of professionalism, ethical conduct, confidentiality, and integrity.  As this data might be used to make difficult decisions with potential legal ramifications, all procedures will follow strict protocol.

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